Re-Fur-All Referrals Mark Craig at his microscope



We've been using Mark's dermatology service for the best part of 10 years I guess which must say something.

It's a convenient service which is available regularly in a local practice and the client has only a very short distance to travel. I've never had anyone not go on the grounds that it's "too far". And there doesn't seem to be any reason to worry about losing a client to a neighbouring practice - it's a referral for a very specific reason which is dealt with effectively.

Mark is always approachable and helpful both to us and to the client, before and after the consultation. He's never not been able to sort a problem out for us and he's always very supportive of us as a practice.

His results are quick and his advice practical, helpful both to us and the client. Owner satisfaction level is very high.

Reports are easy to read and take in.

All in all we're a very happy practice!

- - Simon Perry MRCVS, Ashwood Veterinary Clinic, Sutton Coldfield - -

For the last fifteen years I have worked in a surgery in which Mark Craig regularly holds his dermatology referral clinic. During that time I have referred a great many difficult and interesting skin cases. Mark has a lifetime of experience in dermatology which clearly translates into a logical and thorough clinical approach to working up these patients. I have always found his services particularly useful in the diagnosis and long term management of allergic skin disease. Mark has an easy going approachable nature which I think clients find reassuring when faced with a lifetime of caring for an itchy pet.

- - Mark Ames BSVc Cert VDI Cert VOphthal MRCVS - -
RCVS Advanced practitioner in Veterinary ophthalmology
RCVS Advanced practitioner in Veterinary imaging
Donnington Grove Veterinary Surgery, Newbury
(Now, Eastcott Veterinary Hospital, Swindon)

Mark Craig has been holding dermatology referral clinics at GP Vets since 2004. In this time he has provided a personal service to our clients and set professional standards for our general practice.

- - Dr Jonathan Wray BVetMed MRCVS, GP Vets, Basingstoke - -
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Mr Mark Craig has a quiet and gentle manner with clients and animals alike. He obviously has an extensive knowledge of his subject and saved the life of our terrier with his recommended treatment and advice.

- - Pat Butt, West Midlands - -

When I first obtained Lily, then a three-year-old Devon Rex cat, she scratched herself constantly and continually. My vet referred her to Mark Craig, who conducted extensive and meticulous dermatological tests which revealed that she was severely affected by a wide range of allergens which includes house dust mites, birch pollen, and grass seeds. He began treatment with allergen-specific immunotherapy, and my own vet has been able to give the necessary monthly injection while Mark has monitored her condition most carefully, seeing her himself several times every year. Although the condition is not completely curable, Lily has been able to enjoy a normal comfortable life which would have been impossible without his specialised treatment. One feels that she would like to thank him if she could.

- - Paula Bryers, West Midlands - -

After Polly, our Labrador, was diagnosed with having a number of allergies, we were referred to Mark Craig. I found Mark to be very professional and good in the way he handled Polly. Once the treatment programme had settled down after the initial stage, Polly did improve a great deal and she was a much happier dog. On all our regular visits we received good attention. I knew that I could always contact Mark if there was a problem and I needed advice. Mark treated Polly for over 9 years and he was always helpful and kind to Polly.

- - Patricia Thurston, Bletchley, Milton Keynes - -